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Frequently Asked Questions


I've never done standup paddle (SUP) before, is GLO SUP right for me? Is it safe?

We've tried to choose locations that are both safe and suitable for all experience levels.  Our GLO SUP    Adventures are not races, or "extreme" wave riding activities,  rather a chance to slow down and    experience the ocean as the sun goes down.  


Can I ride tandem with someone else?

For those of you who might not feel comfortable with your own board, you can ride with someone   depending on your combined weight provided your combined weight does not exceed 320lbs.  


What do I need to bring?

Simple, all you need to bring is a towel, maybe a change of clothes, and a smile,  we take care of the rest.  


What should I wear?

Swimwear is a good idea, in addition a light longsleeve shirt or rashguard if you're the type that gets cold. Standup paddling is good excercise and as such you will warm up as you paddle.  


Are there showers and bathrooms?

There are facilities including bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers at all of our GLO SUP locations.


Do you provide pick up service?

Currently we don't offer pickup service.


Do you have life jackets?

Yes we have life jackets for everyone between 70lbs and 300lbs.  We DO NOT carry life jackts/flotation devices for children under 70lbs.


What are the age restrictions?

Children 8 and under MUST SHARE a board with an adult.

Children 8-15 must be accompanied by an adult, but can paddle their own board.



What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash as well as all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and   JBC. 



Do you offer a group or kamaina discount?

We do offer a group discount for parties of 4 or more, as well as  a Kama'aina discount.  Contact us for more information regarding group and Kama'aina discounts.  


What happens if the weather is bad?

We want you to have an enjoyable experience, but safety is always first.  A little rain never hurt anyone, so we still go out on rainy days  when conditions are otherwise stable.  But strong winds and big surf can make for unsafe conditions, so we are constantly keeping track of weather forecasts, and if the conditions look unfavorable we will inform you and try to reschedule.  


Where do you offer GLO SUP adventures?

We offer GLO SUP adventures across Oahu to provide a variety of experiences, including: Haleiwa (north shore), and Waikiki (Firework Fridays)   click HERE for directions to each location.  

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